Event Reminders from Big

Big Dog sends a tail-wagging welcome to everyone running in this year’s backyard ultra.
He wanted us to send a few reminders about the event:
1) Runners will supply their own aid. The race will have brats and soft drinks for the post-race meal, and possibly chili as well. These will be available to runners between loops.
2) There is no on-site parking. Runners may off-load their gear on-site, then park. Parking is on Short Creek LOOP Road, approximately ½ mile from the race site.
3) Camping space is available at the Start/Finish area.
4) The race site will be open after noon on Friday. If you plan an earlier arrival, e-mail Big at drystoneman@hotmail.com so arrangements can be made.
5) Walking course tour starts at 1600 hours. If someone is available to lead, we will have a running course tour at 1700. The trail is incredibly well marked.
6) At 1855 the races will switch to a road out and back until 0655. The last trail loop will end in the dark-carry a flashlight!
7) Sulphur water will be available at the Start/Finish area. City water is available @ ¼ mile from the area.
8) There will be a campfire Friday and Saturday nights… and Sunday night if necessary.
9) The races will begin at 0655 (sunrise) on Saturday October 19. We will race around a 4.16666667 mile trail loop. At 0755 we will run another race over the same loop. Any runner not at the starting line will be disqualified. We will race again at 0855… and 0955, and 1055, and so on, until only one runner can complete the loop in less than 1 hour. If no single runner is able to complete a solo loop, there will be no winner. There are no ties in Big’s backyard!
10) We will sound a whistle three times, three minutes before each start. We will sound a whistle twice, two minutes before each start. We will sound a whistle once, one minute before each start. We will start with the sounding of a cowbell.
11) Two Porta-potties will be set up beside the course, 50 feet from the start. Runners are not allowed to defecate on the course. This is where Big, Little, Sophie and Laz play! Non-participants are asked to leave the porta-potties open the last 15 minutes of each hour, until after the runners have passed the porta-potties.
13) If you have any other questions, e-mail Big at drystoneman@hotmail.com

Thank you for coming!